Thursday, August 2, 2018

Pig Out Groceries

Logo design and business card for a small business in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This client will stock your condo with food and drink so you can relax on vacation. I used an authentic Mexican tile background to symbolize a kitchen. The font Ink Bandits Script was used for the "Pig Out" text. I liked the way the G and O curled like a pig tail. Thirsty Soft is the secondary font, which has the same swirly feel, and Univers is used for contact information. A website was also built:

2018 SAL Golf Tournament T-shirt Design

The 26th Annual SAL Golf Tournament t-shirt design.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SAL Golf Tournament 2016

Another design for the Sons of the American Legion. This is for their annual Golf Tournament. The design utilizes some stock clip art and features the fonts Bernard Condensed and Univers.

Kayleigh and Sean's Wedding Invitations

The bride and groom requested something simple and elegant using silver or gray.
Here is the solution they chose. I used Roseround for the script font and Minion for the supporting text. Stock art swirls were screened back and added for interest. The back of the card is a simple gray with the same swirl added much larger and bleeding off the page.
Here is the envelope design.

The response cards were designed to match in a smaller size.

Here is the response envelope design.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kayleigh and Sean's Save the Date Postcard

This project was a lot of fun. The couple asked for a simple and elegant solution for their "Save the Date" postcards utilizing gold, silver and gray with black and white photography.

This solution features the font Sugarbush. I added a fun swirl in the background that mimicked the font. I applied a photo filter for special effect.

Here is a classic look using the fonts Felix Titling and Savoye Let Plain. I added an elegant diamond pattern to the background.

Another fun design with the font Sugarbush and a pretty repetitive texture.

Have Heart Regular is the featured font here.

I chose to include this option because the photo really showed off their eyes! The classic font Roseround is used, and a pretty lace background was added for interest.

Here is the design my clients chose. Again, we have the font Roseround along with a pretty flourish for interest.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Fierce Heart

This is the cover of a book I designed for Anne Zick. It was a wonderful project to be involved in. Anne had written many poems and she and I worked together to design this book. I had it printed in a small press run for friends and family. I utilized stock photo imagery and the font used was Kaligraf Latin for its Celtic feel. She past away shortly after the book was printed.

Here is a sample of the interior pages.
The woman in the photo is Anne Zick, standing with her husband, Edward.

Elevations Credit Union Mural

This was a local design contest to paint a mural on a wall of shipping crates in a conference room at a bank. The wall was 28' long. I submitted my design and was selected as a finalist. The general public then voted on their favorite and a winner was selected. It wasn't me. Anyway, the design was a simple rendition of the view of Longs Peak from Longmont, with different shades of blue illustrating the foothills. Swirls were added to the sky to simulate the wind (it gets pretty windy here!) with pine trees in the foreground. Again, this design will only see the light of day on this blog.